ES58ACi Locomotive

Delivering maximum haulage and unit-replacement ratio for heavy-haul freight

The ES58ACi locomotive is the most powerful Wabtec heavy-haul diesel-electric unit in operation. It incorporates the latest model GEVO V16 cylinders diesel engine on an AC traction-system backbone.

The GEVO16 engine operates on a 4-stroke cycle, is fully turbocharged via two turbochargers and an intercooler producing 6000 GHP. The AC-propulsion technology with individual traction motor control maximize the traction effort and achieves higher levels of rail horsepower.

Product Details

ES58ACi specifications at a glance

Product Specifics  

  • GEVO V16 Cylinders Engine, 6000 GHP/ 5750 THP @ 1050 rpm  
  • AC propulsion System w/ one inverter per axle and High Dynamic Braking capacity   
  • GE CCA Control System/ Central Diagnostics System/Individual TM isolation  
  • Electronic Air Brake System  
  • Starting/Continuous Tractive Effort: (STE) 90,718 kgf,  (CTE) 75,300 kgf
  • Dynamic Braking Effort (DBE): 53,070 kgf (peak)
  • Axle  loading/arrangement: 32,5 mt, C-C
  • Fuel capacity:  23,500 liters usable
  • Gauge: 1.435 – 1.600 meter

Customer Value

  • High Tractive Effort based on thermal and adhesion capacity enables fewer locomotives per train
  • Higher horsepower maximizes on-time performance and allows match with DC locomotives
  • EVO technology delivers lower fuel consumption, emissions, asset downtime for repair and extended overhaul intervals
  • Replacement ratio 3 ES58 x 4 DC locomotives
  • Low operational costs proven on Heavy Haul operation
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