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Accelerating the future of Mining

With a combination of advanced software, models, analytics, and solutions, we’re helping miners improve efficiency and productivity while enabling safer mining practices.

Wabtec’s Digital Mine is at the forefront of the digital transformation of the mining ecosystem. 

We create solutions that connect people, processes, equipment and technology to improve safety, recovery and productivity across our customers’ value chain.  Mining safety is at the forefront whether it’s through proximity detection or pro-actively alerting an operator of a potential Collision Avoidance Scenario. 

The mining industry has grown substantially in complexity, causing mining organizations to struggle to maintain profitability as ore grades continue to decline, skilled labor becomes harder to find, and equipment begins to age and fail. This has caused many operations to invest more heavily in operational technology (OT) and in information technology (IT) as a first step to digitization. Yet without the proper connection between OT and IT, these investments can create more silos for data to hide in and an even more disconnected workforce. In order for a mining organization to address these issues to better streamline operations and boost productivity, it will require the adoption of a complete digital industrial transformation.

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Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Digital Mine EHS
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

We work with our customers to drive towards ‘Zero-Harm’ by safeguarding your Miners, equipment and infrastructure with Wabtec’s Environmental Health & Safety Solutions. Solutions include proximity detection equipment and pro-actively identifying Collision Avoidance scenarios.

Wabtec Mining Digital Mine Advanced Monitoring and Sensing Solutions
Advanced Monitoring & Sensing Solutions

We partner with our customers to ensure that real time information is being collected and distributed via distributed sensing capabilities by collaborating with Hifi Engineering & Stone Three

Wabtec Digital Mine Asset Perfomance Management
Asset Performance Management

Wabtec's APM optimizes the performance and reliability of assets critical to mining operations, increasing uptime, decreasing costs, and reducing risks. Our APM capabilities deliver a practical, fit-for-purpose solution, enabling our customers to realize rapid time to value and maximize return on capital.

Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Digital Mine Operations Performance Management
Operations Performance Management

We work with our customers to turn data into insights to increase revenue and margin by optimizing the performance, yield and throughout

Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Services Management
Services Management

We work with our customers to provide field service management and real-time communication solutions – enabling our Miners to transform their service from reactive break-fix model to predictive service that minimizes unplanned downtime

Wabtec Mining Digital Mine Value Chain Optimization
Value Chain Optimization

We connect with our customers to provide visibility across the entire value chain in a unified environment from planning to scheduling to inventory

Wabtec Mining Digital Mine Workforce Transformation
Workforce Transformation

We empower the frontline worker by addressing the mobile workforce, enhancing collaboration and providing state of the art training options

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

During our own digital transformation process, we quickly realized we couldn’t undertake the journey completely on our own. Wabtec Digital Mine has an open-innovation partner ecosystem that spans mining markets and industrial outcomes. We pull from this ecosystem in providing solutions to address various customer problem statements, when combined with customer-specific technologies. Customer-side this could include SCADA, DCS, CMMS/EAM, sensors, process historian, and so forth. Solution-side this could include edge computing, APM (on-premise or cloud), field-based monitoring, data lake, big data visualization, fiber optic sensors, water-based and geological sensors, InSAR, LIDAR, etc. (some as a Wabtec ecosystem, others as customer. Our partner program now features a co-innovation model that not only includes resellers and distributors, but also includes Partner Ecosystem leading technology partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and thousands of developers.

Wabtec Digital Mine has deep experience developing, deploying, and managing the solutions across a range of highly regulated and conservative industries. We understand that industrial companies need assurance that their critical data assets are protected and overall risk is reduced. And we are convinced that the cloud approach offers both the best way to develop and deploy applications faster and more cost effectively. It’s also the best way to secure and manage these solutions – in order to isolate, encrypt, store, and protect the data they generate and process

The Digital Mine team has a series of Subject Matter Experts combined with the use of data analytics to support ongoing asset and process optimization which will result in increased productivity and failures prevention. The data analytics, applied over various projects, will used data from multiple sources to provide real-time decision support, and to predict and optimize operational performance. In terms of asset management, the data analytics will assist in predicting emerging equipment failures, assessing remaining useful life and will support the development of optimized maintenance strategies driving continuous improvement and cost reduction. In relation to plant performance, it will be used to monitor plant performance and optimization across all mining circuits

Data analytics in our view are broader terms used for asset management and operation optimization specifically for decision support system and prediction of events (both for process and equipment) to improve operation performance. Like operation optimization, asset management analytics, if specific analytics are non-existent, can be developed by Wabtec’s Digital Mine or the client to satisfy unique requirements.

Wabtec’s Digital Mine has an established project delivery team, around the globe, with many years of collective experience. We utilize the Digital Program management team established, in your region, as the core resource to deliver to your particular project. The core team will be supported by subject matter experts, product management and software engineers from any of our global resource centers as required.

Success Stories

Wabtec in the News

Wabtec Digital Mine Success Story
Learn how Pioneering collision awareness technology enables safer mining practices

Mining has always been seen as a risky business, whether undertaken above ground or deep beneath the earth’s surface. But, thanks to a combination of government regulation in South Africa and a concerted industry effort by mining companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), further enabled by cutting-edge technology, it’s becoming a lot safer.

Wabtec Digital Mine Success Story
Wabtec Collaborates with HiFi to bring Advanced Sensing & Monitoring solutions for Mining

Wabtec’s Digital Mine is collaborating with Calgary-based Hifi Engineering to enhance digital technologies that monitor asset health to predict and prevent failures at mine sites. By incorporating Hifi’s leading-edge fiber optic sensing technologies with Wabtec’s Digital Mine solutions, mine operators can monitor the integrity of critical pipeline assets used to transport ore more efficiently, over long distances, and through environmentally sensitive areas.

Wabtec Digital Mine Success Story3
Wabtec’s Digital Mine advances towards Level 8 and Level 9 Intervention Controls

In order to address the significant challenges in achieving a level 9 – compliant CAS system, Wabtec Digital Mine has developed proprietary software algorithms that are able to interpret and anticipate the complex scenarios presented during normal mining operations. This enables the Wabtec systems to operate seamlessly with the operator.

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