Collision Awareness (CAS)

Leverage Wabtec’s CAS Generation 3 solution to partner with you towards your zero harm objectives whilst maximizing productivity by protecting you people, equipment and infrastructure from vehicle interactions risks. Our vision is one where every person makes it home safely. The all-new CAS Generation 3 solution is changing the game by delivering the highest performing solution in the market that will support your zero harm objectives whilst enhancing your productivity outcomes.

Quick Statistic: An improvement in safety equates to a 10% reduction in lives lost and 20% decrease in injuries within Mining

Wabtec’s CAS Generation 3 solution is a revolutionary solution for improving safety in the mining industry. It uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect the presence of other vehicles and hazards on the mining site and provides real-time alerts to operators to help them avoid collisions. This technology can help to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as damage to equipment and facilities. In addition, it provides valuable data and analytics that can be used to identify potential hazards and take steps to address them.

  • Game-changing performance & user experience
  • Simple user interface with context-based voice advisory of threats and expected response
  • The only solutions to support L7-L9 controls at all speeds
  • Complies with EMESRT, ICMM & Minerals Council
  • Very high accuracy sensing significantly reduces nuisance alarms in normal operations
  • The only solution in the market with real-time health monitoring
  • Web-based reporting & analytics platform that enables you to make data driven decisions
  • Platform supports integrated productivity and efficiency solutions
  • Reduce critical vehicle interaction risk
  • Reputation for excellence with 15 years of operations - 0 fatalities, 0 unreported events

Proven technology that sets the standards for workplace safety & facilitates "zero-harm" objectives

ICON - Worker
Protect People
ICON - Vehicle
Protect Vehicles & Equipment
ICON - Infrastructure
Protect Infrastructure
ICON - Loss of Control
Protect Against Loss of Control
ICON - Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions
ICON - Total Cost of Ownership
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
ICON - Family
Accelerate Zero-Harm Objectives
ICON - Checklist
High Reliability Platform





Fully configurable and adaptable to site-specific requirements

Smart Rules & Intelligence
Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting
ICON - Circular
360-Degree Situational Awareness
ICON - Accuracy
Ultra-High Accuracy Sensing
ICON - Bullseye
Productivity Monitoring
ICON- PC Monitor
Intuitive Interface
ICON - Machine Data
Machine Data Acquisition
ICON - Critical Threat
Critical Vehicle Interaction Threat Advisories
ICON - Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
ICON - Worldwide
World-wide Support
ICON - System Health
System Health Monitoring
ICON - Intervention
Smart L9 Intervention Controls





Customer Value Delivered

  • CAS Generation 3 alerted Haul Truck operator of approaching grader on off-side blind spot using clear voice alert (“Grader – Right”) potentially preventing a collision - Australian large cap coal miner
  • Haul Truck operator reports unexpected CAS alerts from safe-passing due to poor haul road maintenance in wet weather conditions resulting in narrowing of the haul road and reduced haul truck passing gap - Australian large cap coal miner
  • CAS Generation 3 analytics identified machine operators working outside standard mine site procedures allowing change in risky behavior - Australian large cap coal miner

Our customers are behind the most forward-looking progress in mining

Digital Mine Newcrest CAS Success Story
Technology intervenes to prevent mine fleet traffic incidents

Mine sites are governed by rigorous safety procedures and policies, but even so, with employees both on foot and often necessarily driving light vehicles in the vicinity of hydraulic shovels and excavators, haul trucks, mobile drills and dozers, accidents and SPIs occur.

Digital Mine Case Study
Head of the CAS

BHP, the world’s leading mining operator, is no stranger to Wabtec’s Digital Mining solutions. We’ve partnered with them successfully around the world, most recently in Australia, where they’ve seen the safety benefits of our CAS solution in action. Now they want that same ‘best-in-class’ safety system fitted to their extensive fleet in their Escondida mine in northern Chile, the world’s largest copper mine.

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