Wabtec and Deutsche Bahn Sign New Contract, Building Upon Longstanding Partnership

Wabtec and Deutsche Bahn Sign New Contract, Building Upon Longstanding Partnership

PITTSBURGH, May 25, 2022 -- Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) and Deutsche Bahn (DB) signed an agreement to optimize the maintenance and operation of Wabtec equipment on board Deutsche Bahn trains. The agreement strengthens their longstanding partnership and helps both companies drive meaningful progress against their sustainable transportation goals.

The companies will collaborate as joint Steering Committee for various projects to enhance the reliability, availability, and life cycle of Wabtec equipment installed on Deutsche Bahn trains.  The Committee will focus primarily on door systems, HVAC, and brakes. The companies will collaborate on design, testing, and implementation of product improvements, as well as pilot future cutting-edge technologies.

“By combining our expertise, data, and people, we will significantly extend the lifespan of Wabtec equipment on board Deutsche Bahn trains,” said Lilian Leroux, President of Wabtec’s Transit segment. “The innovations that arise from this collaboration will advance a sustainable future for Deutsche Bahn and the transit industry as a whole.”

Several executives from both companies attended a video ceremony where the collaboration agreement was signed.

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