Wabtec Rail Infrastructure Track Derails
Wabtec Rail Infrastructure Track Derails

Hinged Derails:

  • For 70 - 110 lb. Rail & 112 - 114 lb. Rail
  • Right Hand, Left Hand & Bi-Directional

High Speed Portable Derails:

  • For 75 - 141 lb. Rail
  • Right Hand  & Left Hand

Additional High Speed Portable Derail Information:

  • Patent Pending #16/556,053
  • Covers 75-141lb Rail
  • TTCI Testing Derailed Locomotive at 20.8 mph
  • Easy Installation
  • Can be Padlocked to Rail Head
  • Made from High Strength Steel
  • Sits 2-7/8” Above Railhead
  • Complete with Flag and Staff

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