Engineered to guide the axle in longitudinal & lateral directions, provide vertical damping with the bogie frame and assure homogeneous load distribution.

Suspension & Vibration Control Chevrons

Offers a wide range of stiffness combinations and easy assembly conditions

Suspension & Vibration Control Conical Springs
Conical Springs

Provides flexibility in vertical, longitudinal and lateral directions

Suspension & Vibration Control Guiding Bushes
Guiding Bushes

Helps to guide the wheelset & minimize wear in addition to vibration damping & isolation

Suspension & Vibration Control Guiding Links
Guiding Links

Our design assures low torsional stiffness without increasing total vertical stiffness with the coil spring

Suspension & Vibration Control Guiding Primary Spring
Guiding Primary Springs

Shares vertical load with the coil spring and includes a security internal hard stop

Suspension & Vibration Control Hydobushes

An active suspension system consisting of an elastomer spring with integrated hydraulic damping