Nordco Ultrasonic Inspection Technologies

Improve safety more efficiently.

The future of flaw detection is now.​

Minute, internal defects, invisible to the naked eye, can result in sudden, catastrophic failures. Nordco Inspection Technologies’ (NIT) ultrasonic flaw detection systems find unseen defects using the most sophisticated technology available, giving you an opportunity to take corrective action before disaster strikes.​

As the first to develop the rolling search unit wheel probe in 1969, NIT’s ultrasonic inspection systems take advantage of multi-channel transducers mounted within a single wheel to provide complete ultrasonic coverage in a range of industries and applications.​

As industry continues to demand faster, more accurate and less labor-intensive inspection options, Nordco Inspection Technologies strives to exceed expectations by continuous improvement to our proprietary software, continuous testing, cloud services, and ultrasonic hardware. 

Coming Soon​

Nordco Inspection Technologies is even more excited about the upcoming launch of our revolutionary Guided Wave-based system designed to initially augment and eventually surpass traditional bulk wave ultrasonic inspection with its ability to inspect at significantly faster speeds and over longer distances with full rail coverage.  

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