ES44ACi Locomotive

Built on a service-proven locomotive platform to deliver best-in-class reliability and cost of ownership

The ES44ACi locomotive is a heavy-haul locomotive specifically designed for the South American market. Equipped with a 16-cylinder GE FDL 16 engine, the AC44i can deliver up to 4,500 HP while helping to keep fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum.

The ES44ACi locomotive with AC individual-axle traction-control technology combined with High Adhesion Trucks allows customers to haul heavier loads by significantly reducing slipping on start-ups, inclines and suboptimal track conditions. The Heavy Haul AC propulsion technology maximize the traction effort and achieves higher levels of power. The AC44i also features high-performance dynamic braking, which can dissipate up to 5900 HP, reducing car-wheel and car-brake shoe wear, while also improving down-hill operation safety. 

Product Details

ES44ACi specifications at a glance

Product Specifics

  • 7FDL 16 Cylinders, HPCR Engine, 4500 GHP/ 4400THP @ 1050 rpm
  • AC propulsion System w/ one inverter per axle and Dynamic Brake up to Zero KPH
  • GE CCA Control System /Central Diagnostics System / Individual TM isolation
  • Electronic Air Brake System
  • Starting/Continuous Tractive Effort: (STE) 90,718 kgf, (CTE) 75,300 kgf
  • Dynamic Braking Effort (DBE): 53,070 kgf (peak)
  • Axle loading/ arrangement: 32,5 mt, C-C
  • Fuel capacity: 17,980 liters usable
  • Gauge: 1.435 – 1.60 meters

Customer Value

  • Customized for operation in tight tunnels
  • Engine cooling capacity sufficient to pass long tunnels
  • Single axle control AC propulsion improves haulage capability and reliability proven on heavy haul operation
  • Improved Maintainability, Availability and Reliability allows fleet reduction and maximizes the assets utilization and low op costs
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