Signaling, Communications & Wayside Track Services
Signaling, Communications & Wayside Track Services

Wabtec provides tools and services to create subdiv files for the I-ETMS PTC System. This is a process of converting geospatial track data and railroad operating data into a single file for the PTC System. This information provides the I-ETMS system with the key stop targets and operating rules for the area it is traveling.

Design and Survey

  • Create track chart that identifies all information that will need to be added to the subdiv for safe operations
  • Survey tracks and all possible stop targets on the track
  • Switches, Signals, Crossings, Mile Post Markers, Speed Markers, etc
  • Process Survey data into readable data

Cleaning and processing the survey data

  • Post process and analyze survey data against track designs
  • Convert survey data into relational database

Build Subdiv

  • Combined geospatial survey data and operation data to build subdiv file

Verify Subdiv

  • Office verify completed subdiv file matches design documents for geospatial and operational safety. Route validate to ensure accuracy of speed changes.
  • Field verify critical features, WIU Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Track Services include survey for new Subdivision files, survey track movements, feature movements by using LIDAR or HiRail based GIS survey methods and Handheld devices. Necessary trainings are provided to survey feature moves and collection of data that changes due to moves.

Various security features are incorporated into the Subdivision file to ensure data is read only by tools that have access information. Latest RSA and file encryption techniques keep the data safe.

The PTC Data model defined by the ITC committee requires to capture information of Switches, Signals, Milepost, Road Crossings at Grade, Speed Restrictions, Track Rules, Clearance points, Non Communication areas etc.

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