CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System)​│Wabtec Corporation
CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System)​│Wabtec Corporation
Condition Monitoring Management System

CMMS software is a condition monitoring data management platform that provides a unified environment for vision-based wayside detector data.

System Features

  • Detector status: Status display for real time indication of wayside detector health.
  • Train listing: Trains listed by detector site and number of alarms.​
  • Car (wagon) history: Historical data and images for all cars (wagons) history.​
  • Query generator: Generic query generation tool capable of simple through to complex composite queries.​
  • Alert generator: User customizable alarming tool based on predefined conditions such as trended or absolute measurements.​
  • Reporting functionality: Customizable reports for consist alarm notifications
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