Wabtec Digital Signaling and Communications FleetOne
Wabtec Digital Signaling and Communications FleetOne

FleetONE provides users operational and maintenance planning data for sensor-based wayside systems. Information is presented with clear visual indicators where anomalies occur. Personalized user rules can be implemented to manage the alerts. Providing the ‘right information to the right person at the right time’.

Automatically generate work orders based on maintenance rules configured by a system administrator within the search engine.​ Import information about completed maintenance activities for inclusion in the generated reports. FleetONE is built as an expandable, modular system that interfaces to other vendor’s wayside sensors. Because each of these sensor systems are supported by installing an optional module and these remain fully independent of the overall FleetONE system. In this way, FleetONE serves as a high-level data integrator that does not interfere with or restrict the standalone operation of each of the systems in any way.

Key Capabilities

  • Integrates with your maintenance system to generate work orders​
  • Web application​
  • Intuitive functions​
  • Advanced search function​
  • System expandable​
  • Role-based privileges and administration​
  • Standard reporting functions including: Alerts, Component history, Vehicle mimic, Train load profile, Axle mass, Wheel condition, Bearing conditions, “Worst” wheel/vehicle by sensor class.​

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