Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device

Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation

The Dual-Link™ Head of Train (HOT) Device is the successor to the LCU-10 integrated HOT device from our TrainLink® product line. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for the TrainLink® LCU-09 and LCU-10 for added end user convenience, and to exceed AAR S-9152, AAR S-9401, and AAR S-9101 specifications. 

Standard AAR HOT Features & Functions:

  • Monitors end of train (EOT) device over digital wireless link and periodically reports status to locomotive computer
  • Sends Emergency braking command wirelessly to EOT
  • Performs manual Communication Test and ARMING as required by operator

Additional Features & Functions Above the AAR Standard:

  • Dual-Link for radio comms – UHF and ITCM/PTC (under development) 
  • Designed for Train Automation. Designed to integrate with Wabtec PTC and TO system solution (when paired with TrainLink® NG5 EOT device).
  • Automatic mid-train repeater that improves RF performance in longer trains
  • Has USB connector for Event Logs (easy to download and view without the need for additional software). Has 2GB SD card (expandable to 32GB). Has wireless Bluetooth interfaces for diagnostics purposes
  • Has 2x Ethernet and 2x serial port for future expansion (PTL, MCC, 802.16t, NGHE)
  • Works down to 10V to produce 8W radio power. Operating range 10-16.5V
  • Modern electronics with Arm Cortex-A5 32-bit processor and improved diagnostics
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS brings software reliability and network security
  • Over the air (OTA) software and configuration update (under development)
  • Simplified disassembly/reassembly decreases service time
  • Quick service door allows easy access to the radio and service port for USB download 

Patented Features:

  • One Man Arming (available outside the US)
  • Emergency command to EOT via multiple RF links (under development)
  • RF Comm Survey data on website (under development) 

Physical Dimensions

  • 2 MCU per AAR S-590
  • 9.25 in. x 2.55 in. x 11.5 in.
  • Weight approx. 6 lbs 


  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
  • Humidity 95% non-condensing at +50°C 
  • Altitude 12000 ft MSL
  • 3-axes, 5-1200Hz, 4Grms
  • Shocks, 10 g peak for 10 milliseconds in any axis 


  • Nominal 15VDC, Operating range 12VDC-18VDC
  • Maximum power 45W, 3A @ 15VDC

FRA/AAR Compliance

  • 49 CFR 232 Two Way End of Train
  • S-9152 EOT HOT Specification
  • S-9101E LSI Message Specification
  • S-590 LSI Architecture
  • S-9401 Electronics Environmental Specification

UHF Radio

  • Frequency 400 to 430MHz, 450 to 470MHz
  • Frequency Stability +/- 1.5  ppm from -30°C to +60°C
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz Narrow band
  • Rx Sensitivity 12 dB SINAD or better at -119dBm (0.25uV)
  • Rx Audio Output 0.2 to 0.3 volts rms
  • RF Power Output: 8 watts North America / 2-5 watts International

UHF Radio Certifications

  • ANATEL (in process)

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