Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG)

Wabtec digital Core Electronic Locomotive Interface Gateway LIG
Wabtec digital Core Electronic Locomotive Interface Gateway LIG

Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG) is a network communications and interface device that provides locomotive control-system data to third-party applications. The LIG is designed with an Open Message Interface which allows applications to access control-system data while providing locomotive system isolation to ensure the control system is not adversely impacted by third-party applications. The real-time parameters available from the LIG can be used to perform real-time health and status monitoring of a locomotive as well as real-time assessment of locomotive operator performance.

Key Features:

  • Provides locomotive control system data to 3rd-party applications via open message interface (PTC, Locomotive Monitoring and Diagnostic, other RR Business Apps)
  • Converts data from locomotive-specific format into an AAR-defined common format
  • Provides Locomotive Control System isolation from 3rd-party systems
  • Streaming broadcast of locomotive parameters (cab stand states, sensor readings…)
  • Publication rates range from once per second to once per 60 seconds
  • Request based and streaming locomotive fault and snapshot information

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