Wabtec Digital and Electronics Core Electronics SmartCab OTA
Wabtec Digital and Electronics Core Electronics SmartCab OTA

SmartCab Over-the-Air (OTA) enables “Over the Air” delivery of software and configuration file updates for the locomotive control system and onboard devices, improving delivery productivity and efficiency.

Once the service program is approved by required parties, the software is made available to the Locomotive. SmartCab OTA then downloads the updated software given availability of the appropriate communication path. The maintainer is informed that an update is available via operator messages on the SDIS and can choose to initiate the update process, or delay it, if all railroad safety requirements are met.

SmartCab OTA Benefits:

  • Simplifies installation through automated software loading, reduces maintainer training
  • Reduces install time from 2 hours to ~30 minutes
  • Eliminates common installation mistakes and improves accuracy
  • Facilitates automated configuration management
  • Improves security of transfer of software updates to the control system versus manual installation
  • Automates feedback to eServices to update installation

SmartCab OTA Features

  • Software updates delivered “Over the Air” to onboard
  • SW installation initiated through locomotive display to ensure locomotive in safe state
  • Works in conjunction with Locomotive Toolbox
  • Compatible with commercial cell & ITCM comms
  • Currently supports Trip Optimizer & Control System
  • eServices provides HMI for releasing software and determining installation status

    Application Coverage

  • Locomotive Control System
  • Trip Optimizer
  • Expert on Alert
  • GoLINC Modules
  • EdgeLINC onboard gateway & agent
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