Automated Bench Test Equipment


The Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical or electro-mechcanical stimulation to an electronic or electro-mechanical unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the unit under test.

The BTE utilizes an electronic control system mounted within a ruggedized portable “rack” with a touch-screen interface for user-selectable test procedures. This Automated Bench Test Equipment is available in many test system configurations, including Electronic, Electro-Mechcanical, Mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic. Each system comes with various Interface Test Adaptors (ITA) that can be custom configured for any specifc system test application and the automated testing of a module or subcomponent level.

The system also supports a “Consolidated” configuration for testing multiple systems within the same BTE test rack, providing additional operational, space and cost benefits for a Consolidated Bench Test Equipment (CABTE) rack.

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