Asset, Tracking and Status Download (ATSD) Application

Get real-time information about your train health and make smarter decisions

Asset, Tracking and Status Download (ATSD) application gives railroad operators real-time information, locomotive health and remote access to make smarter and critical decisions that drive productivity, efficiency and cost savings

ATSD is a web and mobile friendly application that provides railroad operators with locomotive health information in real-time. It securely and accurately collects data from the locomotive control system, data recording systems and other sensory devices and reports them in real-time. In addition, it includes train and operational handling rules around the operation of a locomotive to give railroads the confidence that their high-value asset is in great condition and highly productive


Make smarter decisions and be on top of your operations

Asset, Tracking and Status Download gives your real-time information about your locomotive’s health

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Real-Time Information

Get alerts and updates in real-time

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Remote Access

Operate your locomotive from anywhere

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Data Download

Securely download locomotive data from anywhere

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Over the Air Update

Deploy software over the air to your locomotive onboard systems

Product Details

How ATSD Works

Asset Tracking and Status Download application focuses on providing real-time train health information to railroad operators. It combines data from a number of onboard systems to provide intelligent and insightful information to decision makers. The application gets hosted on an onboard computer or processor device, it establishes a secure communication with the various onboard devices, the collected data is analyzed and processed in real-time allowing railroad managers, dispatch, mechanical, operational and best practices teams to have access to date in real-time.


  • Download of Data – Ability to download locomotive control system data, data recording system data, images and videos
  • Status Alerts – Real-time information about locomotive status and condition  
  • Dispatch – Real-time information about locomotive position, direction and speed
  • Operational – Insight into locomotive operation and benchmarking
Success Stories

Bringing Real-Time Train Health Information and Insights to Railroad Operations

IANR drives Digital Operations with Next Generation Digital Solutions

IANR embarked on a full digital transformation that saw the integration of PTC, data imaging, data transfer and data analytics in one turnkey solution. The data transfer and analytics provide real-time insights that help improve the railroad operation and efficiency, while driving best practices and productivity.

Wabtec to provide PTC for Iowa Northern
Carload Express Gains New Insights with Real-Time Data

With the PTC mandate, Carload adopted the best in class technology for data acquisition and recording, in addition using Wabtec’s ATSD it now has the ability to get real-time information and data from onboard systems, the accurate location of the locomotive, remote access to data and other tools that help improve the railroad operation and efficiency, while driving best practices and productivity.

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