Dwell and Asset Utilization Application

Real-time insight and visibility into locomotive utilization, dwell and operations

Dwell and Asset Utilization application gives railroad operators insights and visibility into how their locomotive assets are operating, the delays they are experiencing and the duration of the delays – enabling increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Dwell and Asset Utilization is a web and mobile friendly application that provides operational managers, customer care teams and finance managers at railroads with real-time insight into the delays, utilization and location of their trains. This allows the railroad to gain new insight into the productivity and efficiency of their assets while also helping to improve their customer experience.


Gain new insights into about your assets

Application provides a detailed profile of every journey your locomotive asset embarks on and gives you insight into all delay events, actions and engagement

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Get insights into the various delays the locomotive experiences

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Delay Categories

Identify the various delay categories and how they impact your trips

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Time of Arrival

Gain insights into ETA of your trains for better customer experience

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Build benchmarks around routes, consists and trips

Product Details

How Dwell and Asset Utilization Works

Dwell and Asset Utilization application focuses on using GPS information from the onboard systems to identify the exact location of a locomotive and build a real-time reference into its delays, events and utilization during each trip. The application detects every stop by the locomotive and categories it into an event allowing operational teams to understand the duration of a dwell, where they occur and its location.


  • Point of Reference – Get accurate data insights into locomotive location
  • Dwell – Get actual duration of delays and identify location
  • Categorization – Categorize reason for dwell and provide insight into impact
  • System of Record – Provides a system of record for what actually happens versus what was planned
Success Stories

Understanding Asset Utilization for Better Decision Making

Wabtec Dwell and Asset Utilization Application case study
Freight Operator Gains Insights into Locomotive Utilization

An international freight operator was seeking a digital way to measure availability and utilisation of its fleet of locomotives and engaged Wabtec to help. The solution from Wabtec combined its GoLINC onboard computer system, along with it digital IoT plaftrom, EdgeLINC to deliver a truly mobile friendly application. The application provides a system of record that allows the operator to gain insight into the utilization, giving them detailed information about the location with the longest delays, the types of delays and the impact of the delay.

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