Generator Exciter Air Cooler
Generator Exciter Air Cooler

Cooling Your Other Generator

Large utility hydrogen cooled generators sometimes require a source of excitation power from an external source. This power is created from a small air-cooled generator which has its own system of cooling equipment.

Wabtec's coolers in the air-cooled generator range from a single cooler horizontal design to a multi cooler vertical mount design. They remove the heat generated by electrical losses as well as frictional windage losses maintaining appropriate temperatures in the generator to protect insulation and integrity of the generator.

They tend to become fouled on the tubeside and require periodic cleaning to maintain peak performance. These coolers, depending on age, may have the older “spiral” fin or may contain the newer platefin design. In most cases, when the coolers are replaced, it is more economical to replace with the modern design if it does not already exist.

Features and Options:

  • ASME Code Section VIII, or non-Code, Design, Welding and Construction
  • Choice of Materials by Application
       - Fins (Al, Cu)
       - Tubes (Cu/Ni, SS, Admiralty Brass, etc.)
       - Tube Sheets (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Muntz, Naval Brass, etc.)
       - Headers (Water Boxes) (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Cast Iron)
  • Removable Bolt-On Cover Plate (Waterside Cleaning)
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Roller Expanded Tube Joints
  • Various Nozzle Orientations (Fit Existing Installations without Modifications)
  • Designs to Address – Corrosion, Erosion, Fouling
  • Designs to Address Water Side Tube Velocities
  • Flexibility in Designs
  • Minimized Water Usage or Temperature Variation
  • Proven Long Life – 20+ years
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