Generator Hydrogen Coolers
Generator Hydrogen Coolers

Designed and Built for High Performance

Wabtec is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment used for cooling new and existing hydrogen-cooled generator installations, from gas and steam to nuclear turbine power.
Electrical generators produce not only electricity but heat from electrical resistance (I2*R) and windage losses that are a byproduct of creating electrical power from rotating equipment.

Our coolers remove this heat from the generator hydrogen cooling gas to the plant cooling water. These coolers are located within the generator frame and are an integral part of the overall heat removal system. Warm gas from the stator and rotor pass through the coolers, transferring heat to the fins and cooler tubes.

Features and Options:

  • ASME Code Section VIII, or non-Code, Design, Welding and Construction
  • High Precision Designs and Machining
  • Choice of Materials by Application
           - Fins (Al, Cu)
           - Tubes (Cu/Ni, SS, Admiralty Brass, etc.)
           - Tube Sheets (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Muntz, Naval Brass, etc.)
           - Headers (Water Boxes) (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Cast Iron)
  • Removable Bolt-On Cover Plate (Waterside Cleaning)– Ease of Maintenance
  • Roller Expanded Tube Joints
  • Various Nozzle Orientations (Fit Existing Installations without Modifications)
  • Designs to Address – Corrosion, Erosion, Fouling
  • Designs to Address Water Side Tube Velocities
  • Flexibility in Designs – Minimized Water Usage or Temperature Variation
  • Proven Long Life – 25+ years (some installations over 50 years)

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