Generator Stator Water Cooler
Generator Stator Water Cooler

When Gas Cooling Alone is Not Enough

Large generators create more losses in the conducting components than can be safely removed through gas cooling on the exterior of these conductors. These large machines have Deionized (DI) water passed through the conducting bars to keep them cool and not deteriorate the insulation that keeps them from shorting each other out. The heat rejected to the water needs to be removed externally from the generator by a  Stator Water Cooler.

These coolers are manufactured from all non-ferrous material where in contact with the DI water. The remainder of the unit may or may not be Carbon steel. These units typically have bare tubes with a segmental baffle arrangement. While the tube bundles may become fouled or eroded requiring replacement, the shells are typically stainless steel and rarely need replacing.

Features and Options:

  • ASME Code Section VIII, or non-Code, Design, Welding and Construction
  • Choice of Materials by Application
        - Fins (Al, Cu)
        - Tubes (Cu/Ni, SS, Admiralty Brass, etc.)
        - Tube Sheets (Cu/Ni, SS, Muntz, Naval Brass, etc.)
        - Headers (Water Boxes) (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Cast Iron)
  • Removable Bolt-On Cover Plate (Waterside Cleaning) – Ease of Maintenance
  • Roller Expanded Tube Joints
  • Various Nozzle Orientations (Fit Existing Installations without Modifications)
  • Designs to Address – Corrosion, Erosion, Fouling
  • Designs to Address Water Side Tube Velocities
  • Flexibility in Designs – Minimized Water Usage or Temperature Variation
  • Proven Long Life – 20+ years
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