Locomotive Parking Brake - SafeSet 455 Series
Locomotive Parking Brake - SafeSet 455 Series

Safeset 455 Series: Wheel Style Electric Locomotive Parking Brake

With thousands of electric locomotive parking brakes in the field, the SafeSet 455 Series has become the industry standard.

  • Designed for installation in GE locomotives; fits in the same space envelope as the Ellcon-National 210 Series mechanical hand brake
  • Patented torque gate technology allows going directly from manual mode of operation to automatic mode of operation and vice versa without changing any settings or moving a lever
  • Remote operation is available along with feedback on set and release conditions

Technical Specifications:

  • Standard Power Automatic Minimum Vertical Chain Force: 6300 lbs nominal (5200 lbs min, 7700 lbs max)
  • Low Power Automatic Minimum Vertical Chain Force: 4850 lbs nominal (4200 lbs min, 5800 lbs max)
  • Output Force Control in Automatic Mode: Current sensing circuit activation point pre-set at the factory to either the standard or low power setting.
  • Diameter of Wheel used with Standard Power Models: 22”
  • Diameter of Wheel used with Low Power Models: 16”
  • Both Standard and Low Power versions rated at 105 lbf applied tangential to the wheel when used in the manual mode.
  • Chain Take Up Rate in Automatic Mode: 1.5 ft/minute (~ 18”/minute) (no load)
  • Chain Take Up Rate in Manual Mode: 13 turns/ft
  • Chain Take Up Range: Unlimited
  • Operating Voltage Range: 45 to 87 VDC operating. Tolerates continuous exposure up to 138 VDC.
  • Average Run Current: 2 Amps @ 74VDC
  • Nominal Idle Current: .04 Amps @ 74 VDC
  • Full Load Current (Standard Power version): 8 Amps @ 74 VDC
  • Maximum Inrush Current: 20 Amps @ 74VDC for <100 milliseconds
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +158 deg. F. (-40 to +70 deg C.)
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Transient Protection: +/- 600 VDC FWHM for 5 milliseconds
  • Brake Chain: Standard ½” locomotive hand brake chain supplied with the brake.
  • Chain Angularity Limits: 5 degrees side to side, 3 degrees front to back
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