ES40ACi Locomotive

Built on a service-proven locomotive platform to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership (TCO). Optimized for operation in high-temperature and dusty environments

The Evolution Series ES40ACi Locomotive offers best-in-class fuel efficiency, lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and high performance in extremely high temperatures.

Wabtec’s Evolution Series ES40ACi locomotive is capable of meeting UIC 3A emission standards while also providing best-in-class haulage, fuel efficiency and TCO.

The Evolution Series ES40ACi locomotive is a multipurpose light weight high horsepower heavy haul locomotive. Its unique features include:

  • Single air-conditioned cab
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Single-Axle control
  • High-Tractive Effort
ES40ACi specifications at a glance

Product Details

  • IC 3a emissions levels
  • AC individual-axle traction control
  • 8,000 Evolution Locomotives
  • Advanced cooling system

Model ES40ACi Specifications

Up to Tier 3 emissions levels without any type of after-treatment

# of Powered Axles 6
Weight [Max] 123.50-0129.8Tonnes
Weight/Axle 20.6 – 21.6 Tonnes

Model ES40ACi Specifications

AC individual-axle traction control maximum hauling capabilities in substandard track conditions

Track Gauge 1000 -1067 mm
Emissions UIC 3a
Horsepower (Gross) 4,200 HP (3,133 KW)

Model ES40ACi Specifications

8,000 Evolution Locomotives worth of worldwide operating experience

Starting TE (lbf /KN) 548 KN
CTE (lbf /KN) 460 KN
Total Fuel 7350 L

Model ES40ACi Specifications

Advanced cooling system maintains performance with lowest emissions standards

Useable Fuel 7000 L
Engine Model GEVO12
Max Ambient -10 C to 50 C

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