ES43BBi Locomotive

Built on a service-proven locomotive platform to deliver best-in-class reliability and cost of ownership

The Wabtec Evolution Series ES43BBi locomotive is a heavy-haul locomotive specifically designed for 1,000 mm gauge railways and is equipped with a powerful 12-cylinder 4500 HP Evolution Series engine and eight powered axles designed to operate in extreme environments.

Along with the service-proven GEVO12 engine, Wabtec has added to the ES43BBi a technologically advanced AC-traction system with individual axle control and robust articulated trucks.  The ES43BBi is also equipped with a redesigned Air-to-Air system and extra blowers directly integrated onto the traction motors. This locomotive comes with lower lifecycle costs due to improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced parts wear.

Product Details

ES43BBi specifications at a glance

Customer Value

  • Higher Horsepower and Tractive Effort, replaces two DC six-axles locomotives.
  • AC propulsion w/ Single-Axle Control improves haulage capability and reliability
  • Designed to operate on sharp curves and to meet tight clearance with low wear rates for wheels and rails
  • EVO technology delivers lower fuel consumption, emissions, asset downtime for repair and extended overhaul intervals.
  • Low operational costs, high availability and reliability
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