Wabtec Maritime Solutions L250MDC Marine Engine Family
Wabtec Maritime Solutions L250MDC Marine Engine Family

The L250MDC EPA T4 & IMO III emissions-compliant engine series is the most technologically advanced and fuel-efficient medium-speed diesel engine ever built by Wabtec. The L250MDC marine diesel engines are certified to meet EPA Tier 4 & IMO III emissions standards through advanced exhaust gas recirculation that requires no urea-based after-treatment. This advanced technology limits the formation of NOx in cylinder as opposed to removing NOx from the exhaust through an after-treatment system, while maintaining world-class fuel efficiency.


  • Eliminates the need for space and weight provisions otherwise needed for an SCR system and urea storage tanks, preserving valuable cargo, accommodation, and tank space
  • No additional operating expenses from urea use and catalyst replacements
  • No hassle associated with planning for urea replenishment and handling urea onboard
  • Reducing ship design complexity and shipyard installation time and cost compared to an engine with an SCR after treatment solution
  • Robust and proven design, simple to operate
  • World-class fuel efficiency and load response with practically no visible smoke
  • High engine energy efficiency with more heat recovery available in jacket water system from EGR
  • Narrow footprint allows ease of maintenance and packaging advantage

Engine models

  • 6L250MDC
  • 8L250MDC
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