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Know the past, understand the present, shape the future

Dealing with data is time-consuming and complex.

Companies often find it challenging to translate the large volume of data gathered into useful information that provides actionable business intelligence to unique stakeholders across the organization. The result: paper-based reporting, limited access to information, and resource-intensive processes.  

RailConnect Advanced Analytics is a powerful business-intelligence reporting tool for RailConnect Transportation Management that integrates, aggregates, and correlates rail data and delivers actionable intelligence for empowered decision making.

By the numbers:

  • Over 10,000 ready-made reports and business solutions
  • Over 38 quick-access Business Dashboards
  • Available 24/7 on-demand anytime, anywhere
Product Features

Translating data into real-time, actionable insights

RailConnect Advanced Analytics aggregates, integrates, correlates, and visualizes rail data into meaningful dashboards and views. This information can then be used to drive actionable operational and financial decisions.

Revenue Management: Provides powerful, real-time business intelligence for the management of railroad accounting, revenue, and invoicing.

  • Improve Accounting
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Monitor, measure, and manage business
  • Drive business outcomes

Transportation Management: Delivers analytics and business tools designed to support and improve operational decision-making.

  • Drive operational efficiencies
  • Monitor, measure, and manage business
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Increase business velocity

Car Management: Delivers comprehensive analytics and business tools designed to support and improve the management of car accounting.

  • Improve accounting
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Forecast car hire
  • Maximize opportunities

Corporate Reporting: Consolidates valuable business information across multiple railroads and provides organization-wide visibility and actionable business intelligence.

  • Gain visibility and business insights
  • View all railroads at one time
  • Integrates operational data from multiple sources into a single consolidated view
  • Monitor, measure, and manage business

Transform your business with analytics.

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Maximize efficiencies

Eliminate manual processes, streamline and automate workflows, focus on exception management, and deliver best practices. 

Drive Performance

Benchmark and trend results, quickly identify opportunities for improvement, increase accountability through better visibility, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Improve accounting

Achieve 100% revenue assurance. Forecast and predict outcomes. Reduce time and effort to close. Identify root causes to issues. Increase cash flow.

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Transform reporting

Use accurate, real time, relevant information. Make better decisions – faster. Gain visibility and business insights. Measure financial and non-financial data. Simplify reporting.

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