Revenue Management System


Maximize operational and commercial performance of railroads

Keep your business on track with optimized revenue management.  In today’s fast-moving world of rail, revenue management presents distinct challenges. Ever-changing rates and the involvement of multiple roads can affect the quality and efficiency of waybill settlement.

RailConnect Revenue Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive railroad accounting system that fully automates the rating process and optimizes revenue management performance. Integrating seamlessly with the industry standard Interline Settlement System®, RMS features a powerful rating engine and rate database that manages the settlement of freight revenue between railroads.

Quick Facts:

  • 9 million+ carloads/year
  • 1,484 interchanges with Class I railroads
  • 2,600 active users
  • 520+ railroads
Product Capabilities

Building on 25+ years of proven success at over 520 railroads

RailConnect Revenue Management System

Key Capabilities:

  • Powerful Rating Engine: Automate the rating process for all aspects of railcar billing. Streamline the settlement of freight revenue between railroads. Quickly access current and historical rates.
  • Revenue Protection:  Ensures all traced waybills have associated revenue related to car movement.
  • Electronic Exchange of Waybills: Automates electronic transmission of invoices to customers. Seamlessly integrates with industry standard EDI transaction sets.

Drive results with RailConnect TMS

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Productivity & efficiency

Automates billing and invoicing. Drives bottom-line productivity by reducing manual efforts, paperwork, and data entry

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Revenue recognition

Optimizes revenue management. Streamlines monthly accounting practices. Ensures that all waybills have associated revenue related to car movement

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Directly connects with industry standard EDI transaction sets. Provides seamless integration with AAR Data Exchanges. Interfaces to multiple industry solutions

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