Contract Management


Maximize commercial performance of railroads

Railroads face a unique set of challenges in managing customer contracts:

Long cycle times to generate and approve contracts. Redundant entry of information by multiple functions.  Lack of integration with rail industry systems. Errors and inconsistencies. And all of this is against the backdrop of an economy where speed of response is a competitive advantage.  

RailConnect Contract Management is a fully integrated contract platform, designed uniquely for railroads, that manages the lifecycle of all freight service contracts, provides visibility to stakeholders across the organization, directly connects contract data with REN (Rates EDI Network) and RMS (Rating Engine), and optimizes the contracting process. 

Product Details

Driving commercial performance

RailConnect Contract Management

Contract Creation / Quote Generation

  • Direct management of all rail freight prices: Interline and local prices
  • Guided workflows with standardized railroad contract templates
  • Industry Reference File validations for O/D, route, commodity, customer, and more
  • Prepare, quote, negotiate, approve, amend and renew
  • Easy bulk price update process for renewals and amendments
  • Advance notification of upcoming expirations: 30, 60, 90 days 

Publish Pricing

  • Integration with Rates EDI Network (REN); built-in REN validations
  • Integration of all freight rail prices with rating engine – RMS
  • Automatic generation of publication documents for railroads, shippers, and internal distribution
  • Compliance with industry standards

Operationalize Commercial Agreements

  • Central freight contract repository
  • Searchable database by any contract term, accessible to all authorized stakeholders
  • Secure access protections

Propel to new levels of commercial excellence

RailConnect Contract Management delivers outcomes that can propel your railroad to new levels of commercial excellence

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Automate contract entry

Automate entry of contracts into REN and RMS. Eliminate the need for REN and RMS expertise to enter contracts

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Accelerate contract processes

Accelerate contract creation and approval process

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Maximize revenue

Maximize revenue with timely renewals and optimized pricing

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Increase collaboration

Increase collaboration and compliance with centralized contracts repository

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