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Innovating with Purpose


Innovating with Purpose

Wabtec’s mission to create value for our clients and other stakeholders is guided by our commitment to developing responsible and sustainable products.

Wabtec engineers draw upon our long history of excellence in engineering and innovation to provide responsible solutions to the challenges faced today by the global freight rail and passenger transit industries.

Our locomotives include 100 percent battery-powered locomotives, and next-generation locomotives that meet the strictest EPA emission standards, as well as leading Transit solutions that are driving the world’s shift to green. In addition, we continue to develop transportation components and systems that are cleaner, safer, and more efficient than ever. These technologies -- including mechanical systems and software products -- reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, decrease waste and improve overall efficiency.

Beyond prioritizing sustainability in new products, Wabtec also strives to continuously improve and optimize older products through modernization and remanufacturing efforts. We modernize aging locomotives for better efficiency, recycle old products and materials to reduce overall waste, and more. Today, remanufacturing brings 260 million pounds of end-of-life material back to Wabtec, which is then recycled, reused or remanufactured.