Innovating with Purpose

Wabtec is Leading the Transition to a More Utilized, Efficient, and Low-Carbon Rail Network


For more than 150 years, our innovation has helped drive the industry toward a more sustainable and clean energy future.

We are advancing our sustainability priorities both through our commitments to our people, communities, and planet, as well as by innovating next generation technologies that reduce emissions, energy consumption, and waste, and increase fuel efficiency for our customers through advancements in our equipment and digital solutions.

Decarbonizing Global Transport

A Better Future: Our Shift to Green

Safer. Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.

Where We Are Headed

The Roadmap to Zero-Emissions Locomotives

Today, we have the capability and expertise to transition diesel-powered locomotives to battery power, which drastically reduces emissions. We are not stopping there. We expect to extend our technology further to include hydrogen fuel cells for rail and help lead the industry forward.

Wabtec's Roadmap to Zero-Emission Locomotives