RailConnect™ Transportation Management

RailConnect provides the most comprehensive suite of transportation and revenue management services for railroads, rail shippers and rail leasing companies. 

RailConnect Transportation Management provides a single platform for railroads to execute operational and commercial processes across the enterprise.

Wabtec Digital RailConnect Advanced Analytics
RailConnect™ Advanced Analytics

RailConnect Advanced Analytics is a powerful business intelligence reporting tool that delivers actionable intelligence for empowered decision making

Wabtec Digital Transport Logistics RailConnect Car Hire System
RailConnect™ Car Hire System

RailConnect Car Hire System efficiently automates and simplifies the car-hire accounting process for railcar payable and receivable customers

Wabtec Digital & Electronics Network & Logistics Contract Management
RailConnect™ Contract Management

RailConnect Contract Management is a fully integrated contract platform, designed uniquely for railroads, that manages the lifecycle of freight service contracts

RailConnect Transportation Management
RailConnect™ mCrew

RailConnect mCrew is a mobile reporting tool, integrated with RailConnect TMS, that enables train crews to execute their work in a digital application

Wabtec Digital RailConnect Revenue Management System
RailConnect™ Revenue Management System

RailConnect RMS is a comprehensive railroad accounting system that fully automates the rating process and optimizes revenue management

Digital Transport Logistics RailConnect Transportation Management System TMS
RailConnect™ Transportation Management System

RailConnect Transportation Management is a single platform with a portfolio of modular solutions for enterprise operational and commercial management of railroads

Digital Transport Logistics RailConnect Visibility and Planning
RailConnect™ Visibility and Planning

RailConnect Visibility and Planning brings predictability and efficiency to freight rail through 30-day pipeline visibility, logistics planning, and rail car execution

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