Cyl-Sonic Micro Cylinder Inspection System│Wabtec Corporation
Cyl-Sonic Micro Cylinder Inspection System│Wabtec Corporation
Flaw testing, flawlessly done.

The Cyl-Sonic Micro Cylinder Inspection System ultrasonically scans cylinders to detect potential pits, cracks, corrosion and gouges. The system also measures and detects losses in cylinder wall thickness as well as identifies undesirable moisture contamination inside the cylinders​ 


Key Features:​

  • Ultrasonic inspection of steel and aluminum cylinders ranging from 3.2” to 8” (81-203 mm) outside diameter and up to 30”(762 mm) long​
  • Compact tabletop configuration for maximum flexibility and portability​
  • HD digital signal processing platform​
  • Couplant reclamation system​
  • Length Test Verification​
  • Soft Home feature for reduced cycle time.
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