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Maximize the performance of rail assets.​

Achieve new heights of operational performance. From brake systems to alternators, our solutions help to maximize results

Fueled by the outcomes our customers strive for each and every day, our Electronics and Components portfolio delivers results only found when you combine our industry experience with advanced software and digital technologies.

Wabtec Freight Car Electronics - AxleMax Alternator
AxleMax Alternator

Provides an independent source of electric power for freight cars where no other power sources are available.

FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake System

A microprocessor based, electro-pneumatic braking system for fast, effective control of train air brakes

Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device│Wabtec Corporation
Dual-Link™ Integrated Head of Train Device

Designed as a drop-in replacement for our TrainLink® LCU-09 and LCU-10 Head of Train devices.

TrainLink NG5 ATX End of Train Device
TrainLink™ NG5 ATX End of Train Device

Superior radio communications with a durable external antenna for improved communications & diagnostics

Speed Display & Sensing
Speed Indication & Sensing

Ruggedized Speed Indicator / Speed Sensing systems for accurate speed indication and optional overspeed control. Available in electro-mechanical or doppler speed sensing arrangements 

Wabtec Digital and Electronics Core Electronics SmartCab OTA
SmartCab OTA

SmartCab Over-the-Air (OTA) delivers software updates “Over the Air” to locomotives thus simplifying software installation.

Automated Bench Test Equipment

Automated Bench Test Equipment provides troubleshooting ability for repair to the module or sub-component level. The system can be Consolidated Bench Test Equipment for multiple system testing (CABTE).

Standalone (LCU-05)
TrainLink™ Head of Train Device

Wabtec Trainlink telemetry systems provide a critical link to last-car information.

Wabtec digital Core Electronic Locomotive Interface Gateway LIG
Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG)

Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG) is a network communications and interface device that providing locomotive control system data to third-party applications.

ECP-4200 Freight Car Brake System

Wabtec's field-proven ECP braking solutions are AAR-approved under S-4200 series specifications.

Wabtec Digital Core and Electronics Discrete Input Event Recorder
Event Recorders

Crash Hardened Event Recorder monitors / records discrete & train-line network signals with optional Train Monitoring (Alerter) System and other control / custom monitoring functions.

Wabtec Transit Rail Core Electronics and Analytics EdgeLINC
EdgeLINC ™

Smart rail transportation enabled by EdgeLINC™, an Industrial Internet of Things platform for device management, edge analytics, over the air update and application development.

GoLINC Platform

Wabtec's GoLINC™ Platform is an industry-tested network, communication and application management platform for the railroad environment. The platform includes GoLINC™ pREF, an all-in-one precision navigation system.

Learn about Wabtec's Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Freight Car Brake System.

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