Engine Cooling

Diesel & gas engine applications

With over 90 years of heat transfer experience, Wabtec is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of engine cooling solutions.

High performance heat transfer systems and components for the rail, power generation, oil and gas, and mining markets.

Our ISO Certified facilities provide both pre-configured and custom engineered products supported by extensive R & D, Engineering, and Manufacturing Operations.

Mechanical Bond Radiators
Mechanical Bond Radiators

FLAT-ROUND® mechanical-bond cooling system that provides customers with a durable, long life solution

Sectional Radiators - Back to Back Engine Mounted
Sectional Radiators

An innovative, modular design cooling system that provides customers with a quality, cost-effective solution

Air-to-Water Charge Air Cooler
Charge Air Coolers

Mechanical-Bond cooling systems for intermediate air to water or direct air to air cooling

Lube Oil Cooler
Lube Oil Coolers

Finned tube bundle heat exchanger

Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Air cooled hydraulic oil cooler

Fuel Cooler
Fuel Coolers

Air cooled fuel cooler

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