Wabtec Freight Car Electronics - AxleMax Alternator
Wabtec Freight Car Electronics - AxleMax Alternator

An Independent Source of Electric Power for Freight Cars

With the introduction of new and innovative electronic devices for freight car applications, the need for reliable, point-of-use power continues to increase. Wabtec’s AxleMax provides an independent source of electric power for freight cars where no other power sources are available.


  • Compact design, meets the AAR Loading Gauge
  • 100 W output
  • For installation on new or existing rolling stock
  • Mechanically attaches to the bearing adapter
  • Mounting does not require any modifications to the bearing or bearing end cap
  • One device per axle end, multiple devices per wagon depending on power requirements
  • Maintenance free


  • Wagon location
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Monitoring system for special-goods transport
  • Freight car monitoring and communications
  • Handbrake set/release
  • Brake system monitoring
  • Customized solutions

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