Custom Rubber Molding

Wabtec Elastomers takes pride in developing quality, custom solutions to solve your toughest challenges. A sample of key markets and applications served is listed below.

Wabtec Elastomers Oil & Gas Custom Rubber Molding
Oil & Gas Applications

Plugs, swellable packers, BOP components, pulsation dampeners, shock cells, centralizers

Wabtec Elastomers Pump & Valve Custom Rubber Molding
Pump & Valve Applications

Pump diaphragms, clutch diaphragms, control diaphragms, gate valves, valves seats, valve slips

Wabtec Elastomers Custom Rubber Molding - Rail
Railway Applications

Air brake parts, suspension & vibration control, engine seals & gaskets, track pads

Wabtec Elastomers Transporation & Automotive Custom Rubber Molding
Transportation Applications

Exhaust isolators & hangers, fuel delivery seals, check valves, ride control bushings, CV boots, air brake diaphragms

Bonding & Overmolding

Proven reliable adhesive systems

Our specially formulated adhesive systems provide strong bonds that consistently withstand flexing and chemical attack found in harsh environments and operating conditions.

Wabtec Elastomers Custom Rubber Molding - Bonding & Overmolding
We Specialize in Bonding:
  • Rubber-to-fabric
  • Rubber-to-metal
  • Rubber-to-thermoset composites
  • Rubber-to-PTFE
Wabtec Elastomers Custom Rubber Molding - Bonding & Overmolding
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