Braking Systems

Dependable, long lasting, quality braking solutions that assure precise operating performance and proper brake cylinder pressure under all braking conditions, including the most demanding grade situations.

In 1869, George Westinghouse, Jr. patented a system that used air pressure to stop trains. Since then, Wabtec has continuously led the industry, improving our brake components to meet car design and operational demands.

ABDX® Control Valve on ABX Pipe Bracket
ABDX® Control Valve

As part of Wabtec’s continuous improvement efforts we have implemented design changes to develop the enhanced ABDX®, with more benefits than ever before

4-Port Receivers & Access Plates
Receivers & Access Plates

4-Port receivers and access plates for application with various pipe bracket mounting arrangements

Automated Single Car Test Device (Cart Mounted)
Automated Single Car Test Device

Saves time, reduces costs and increases the accuracy of freight car air brake testing

SC-1 & ELX Type Empty/Load Brake Equipment
Empty/Load Equipment

SC-1 & ELX type empty/load equipment for freight car air brake systems

Pneumatic Components for Freight Car Braking Systems
Pneumatic Components

Brake cylinders, reservoirs, valves, cocks, fittings, air hoses & couplings

Wabtec TMX Truck Mounted Brake System
Truck Mounted Brake Systems

Lightweight, versatile alternative to conventional, body mounted brake rigging arrangements

Wabtec Universal Slack Adjusters
Slack Adjusters

Universal® tension and compression slack adjusters for conventional body and truck mounted brake systems

Universal Vertical Wheel & Thin Lever Type Hand Brakes
Hand Brakes

Universal vertical wheel & thin lever type hand brakes

Forged Components for Conventional Brake Rigging
Conventional Brake Rigging

Forged components for conventional brake rigging arrangements

TreadGuard® Brake Shoes
Brake Shoes

TreadGuard® brake shoes developed to address the problem of wheel removals caused by tread defects

Rubber Components, Hangers & Supports for Freight Car Brake Systems
Other Components

Brake system rubber components & kits, air hose hangers & supports

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