LOCOTROL® Distributed Power

Increase train hauling capacity by enabling longer, heavier trains. Improve productivity at yards and mainline using Remote-Control Locomotive operation. Increase efficiency at mines and ports with Tower Control

To meet demand for longer, heavier trains—and provide efficient train handling—rail companies are choosing advanced distributed power systems that enable remote control of locomotives in separate consists from the lead locomotive.

LOCOTROL® Distributed Power (DP) System is a proven control and communication system enabling coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives for faster stopping times and shorter stopping distances. The result? Increased hauling capacity, throughput and capacity. Better rail adhesion. Improved fuel efficiency. Increased system throughput. Lowered brake-pipe charging time. And reduced operating costs.

Next-Generation Platform

LOCOTROL® Expanded Architecture (XA) Platform

LOCOTROL® Expanded Architecture (XA) is the next-generation platform providing a host of enhancements and productivity applications designed to increase the reliability and robustness needed for today’s railroad operations. Architected for the future of digital-rail communications, LOCOTROL XA utilizes multiple communication options to increase bandwidth and connectivity, resulting in 50% reduction in DP communication losses and associated train delays. Current DP customers can realize significant benefits by updating to the newer XA platform.


  • Increased processing capacity, Ethernet connectivity, additional data bandwidth
  • Dual Radio Receive Diversity - 50% lower DP communication loss & associated train delays
  • Integrated HOT & mid-train HOT/EOT repeater reduces EOT communication losses - enables longer trains
  • Modular LOCOTROL® XA Digital Radio Module (DRM) design
  • DP messages over ITCM (PTC network) provides additional communication options (220 MHz, Cell, Wi-Fi) to serve as backup to the radio network
  • Enhanced diagnostics provides accurate troubleshooting and better decisions about the train
  • Over-the-Air software updates ensure rapid software updates and feature deployment
  • Road RCL enables remote control of heavy-haul locomotive on the mainline or in a yard


The latest generation of Distributed Power

Benefits, Outcomes

LOCOTROL® Technologies offer the following benefits:

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Increases train hauling capacity

Enables longer, heavier trains; increases train hauling capacity

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Increases efficiency

Increases throughout, efficiency and reduces cycle times

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Improves train handling

Improves train handling and reduces break-in-twos

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Faster starting, stopping, brake-pipe charging

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Reduce costs

Reduces friction in curves leading to fuel savings & decreased rail/wheel wear

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Improves productivity

Remote-Control Locomotive – Improves productivity for yard shunting & mainline set-outsgro

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Increases efficiency

Tower Control – Increases efficiency at mines and ports

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Both diesel and electric locomotives

Operates on both diesel and electric locomotives

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Over 20,000 LOCOTROL DP systems

Over 20,000 LOCOTROL DP systems deployed in 17 countries

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