Next Generation​ Terminal Operating System​ ​

A modernized terminal operating solution for the future of intermodal operations.​

The future of intermodal operations: Higher productivity, increased throughput, and reduced dwell.​

For over 30 years, Wabtec has been a leader in intermodal terminal operations, managing tactical operations for up to 20 million lifts annually. Our Next Generation Terminal Operating ​ System builds on this industry proven solution, combining cloud deployment with state-of-the art visualization, configurable rules engine, systems integration, and built in analytics. The ​ result: better decisions, more efficient container processing, improved equipment and resource utilization, and faster gate processing.

Key Capabilities

  • Terminal Setup & Yard Management: Set up and maintain terminal and yard data elements including authorizing and authenticating users and setting up geographic coordinates.​
  • Inventory Management: Manage the location and properties of all units in inventory located on railcars and throughout the yard​.
  • Equipment and Crew Management: Gain insight into all terminal resources, including crew and equipment, matching resources to user profiles and configuring equipment.​
  • Work Order Management: Visibility to all terminal work orders with ability to review and manage exceptions & rejections while dynamically adjusting based on performance.
  • Gate Management: Centralized gate control function that integrates with manual and automated gate systems, while allowing management of drivers and drayage companies.
  • Planning & Optimization: Quick and seamless setup of configurable business rules, including parking restrictions and highlight profiles, that enable the creation of optimized plans that meet the unique objectives of each terminal. Intuitive load planning with the future opportunity for automation and remote ops.
  • Visualization: Graphical representation of the terminal to monitor and manage all yard activities.
  • Plan Execution & Mobility: Intuitive, touchscreen interface for field mobility that provide location-based tasks and granular event capture and reporting.​
  • BI & Reporting: Real-time KPIs and metrics, terminal activity forecasting and network-wide metrics & coordination.
  • Systems Integration: Multiple language support, DGPS integration and embedded online help documentation​.
  • Architecture: Modular, scalable, highly available containerized cloud native architecture with external systems integration and ingestion.
Next Generation​ Terminal Operating System​


Wabtec Corporation
Increase Productivity

Tap into critical information from across terminal operations – including high level overview and functional details – for increased efficiency.

Wabtec Corporation
Reduce Dwell

Utilize intuitive load planning and field mobility to assist with the execution of operational plans and reduce delays.

Wabtec Corporation
Increase Throughput

Get more containers out through improved planning and bottleneck identification.

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