Service Design Schedule Viewer

Design optimal operating plans

View and optimize train schedules before the operating plan is completed.

Service Design Schedule Viewer is a web-based simulation tool that provides detailed analytics about predicted rail traffic performance under different scenarios, enabling informed decisions to drive optimal operating plans. Leveraging the proven line of road simulation capabilities of Movement Planner, Schedule Viewer can analyze the expected performance of line of road traffic, detect conflicts and schedule impacts, and facilitate creation of an operating plan that closely aligns to the execution realities of day of operations. In short, it enables railroads to create better operating plans.


Minimize disruptions to the network by optimizing the operating plan

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Increased schedule feasibility and quality

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Increased predictability of train schedules

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Increased visibility to impacts to the operating plan

Product Capabilities

Create better operating plans with Service Design Schedule Viewer

Key Capabilities

  • Tactical line of road planning 0-72 hours
  • Schedule viewing, validating, and exception handling
  • Sensitivity analysis of schedule
  • Conflict identification and resolution
  • Analyze against key performance metrics to select optimal plans
  • Closely aligns operational plans with day of operations execution
  • Optimizes schedules using Wabtec’s proven planning algorithms and dispatch topology models
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