Advanced Information Management (AIM) Rail Dispatch

Streamline operations and reduce costs.

Unlock business value through integrated information management. 

Advanced Information Management (AIM®) System eliminates inefficient manual processes driven by siloed systems. Using a modular building block approach and fully open architecture, it enables disparate systems and databases to quickly exchange information, seamlessly and automatically.

AIM transforms information into actionable data that can help streamline operations and reduce costs. The solution is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated with current operating systems. With ultra-high definition displays and modern multi-threaded architecture, Advanced Information Management offers enhanced visibility and robust performance.

Key Capabilities
  • Integrate these functionalities into a unified system
  • Train scheduling
  • Yard management
  • Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP)
  • Event and alarm processing
  • Segment energization and de-energization
  • Simulation
  • Playback
  • Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committee (NORAC) operations
  • General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) operations
  • Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) operations
Advanced Information Management (AIM) Rail Dispatch


Wabtec Corporation

Increase labor efficiency through improved information sharing

Wabtec Corporation

Get a holistic view of rail operations. Synthesize disparate data into actionable insights

Wabtec Corporation

Directly connect to operational systems (dispatch, yard, etc.)

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