1600 HP AC Air Cooled Motors

Wabtec Drill Motors 1600 AC Motor
Wabtec Drill Motors 1600 AC Motor

Wabtec manufactures rugged electric AC motors for the toughest applications in the oil & gas industry.

Manufactured in Erie, Pennsylvania for over 20 years

  • Over 8,000 units shipped for operation by most global drilling contractors. Thousands more produced for Locomotive and Mining applications
  • ATEX, IECEx, CAN/CSA, ANSI/UL hazardous area certifications
  • ABS, DNV marine class certifications
  • Tape heaters; 200 watts on each end for superior winding protection
  • Power connection box field convertible (left to right side), with copper bar connections to the motor end rings.
  • Form wound copper stator windings
  • 4340 alloy steel – ABS certified motor shafts
  • 20 year design life – 1.5 design margin


1600 HP (1193 kW) AC Motors

5GEB28 & 5GEB29 Series


  • 5GEB28B
    Special DE bearing design for axial, direct coupled loads
  • 5GEB29B
    Oversized DE roller bearing and shaft for radial side loads

Quick Facts

Wabtec Drill Motors 1600 AC Motor Ratings
  • 6-pole stator with “form-wound” windings
  • Copper chromium alloy rotor bars
  • Class H insulation, robotically taped, Mica-Kapton system
  • 4,340 alloy shaft
  • Insulated bearings on non-drive end
  • Single shaft extension with hub
  • IP56 stainless steel connection box, field convertible from A to B side.
  • Winding RTDs, 100-ohm platinum; 2 per phase
  • Pressure sensor to verify ventilation
  • 30 HP (22 kW) blower assembly providing 5,150 scfm
  • Intake louvers to protect from water ingress
  • Tape heaters 200 watts on each end of motor
  • IP44 assembly rating
  • Same shaft height and mounting feet dimensions as the 5GE752. Shaft diameter and hub are larger.
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