Rubber Snowplow Blades
Rubber Snowplow Blades

Premium Flexible Rubber Snowplow Blades

In almost every plowing application Wabtec rubber snowplow blades make the best kind of sense. They are flexible - so they conform easily to road surfaces for clean snow removal and smooth operation during high-speed runs. Rubber blades won't gouge road surfaces or damage raised reflective pavement markers.

Our snowplow blades are designed to fit all types of equipment that use a steel blade - straight plows, v-plows, ATV-type plows, under-mounted plows, and scraper blades. They perform effectively on streets, parking lots, airport runways, even sidewalks. Most importantly, they offer six advantages over steel blades:

  • Longer Lasting
  • No Gouging
  • Quick, Clean Removal
  • Safe High-Speed Operation
  • Less Equipment Stock
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
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