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3D Printing in the Rail Industry's "Race to Zero Emissions"

Locomotive manufacturer Wabtec is using metal additive manufacturing to produce next-generation locomotive parts. Several examples illustrate this technology’s potential savings in weight and assembly time.

World’s second largest mining corporation orders four Wabtec battery-electric locomotives

Wabtec Corporation has announced its latest customer is Rio Tinto, one of the largest metal and mining companies on the planet. Rio Tinto’s order for four of Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotives will support its effort to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Wabtec Acquires India-Based Rail Friction Business

Wabtec Corp. is growing its brakes product portfolio with the addition of New Delhi, India-based MASU’s railway friction business; the deal is valued at approximately $34 million.

Additive Manufacturing for Rail Industry Is Gaining Traction at Neighborhood 91

Locomotive manufacturer Wabtec is the first tenant of Pittsburgh’s N91 additive manufacturing ecosystem, where the company is ramping up production via laser powder bed fusion.

Wabtec’s moonshot: Zero-emissions locomotives

Wabtec is on a mission to help railroads wean themselves off the diesel-electric locomotive to reduce and ultimately eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. “We are absolutely taking a moonshot at zero emissions,” Gina Trombley, Wabtec’s executive vice president of sales and marketing and chief commercial officer, told the RailTrends 2021 conference this month.

Everything Today is Smart! Are You?

The competitive nature of today’s operations means even small efficiency differences can differentiate winners from losers. As a result, the trend toward smart is often at the center of any digital transformation journey within manufacturing. This is true for most, if not all, of the success stories making headlines. Consider, for instance, the two Wabtec engine plants in Grove City, Pa. At every turn, Wabtec collects data within these operations to make smarter decisions in real time.

Technology’s role in rebuilding the supply chain

Learn how Wabtec and other firms are developing new and innovative technologies that help to prevent bottlenecks and increase efficiencies in the supply chain.

Electrification Of Rail Freight Industry Takes One (Just One) Giant Step Forward

Everybody knows that transportation by rail freight is fuel efficient. The missing link on the sustainability cake is electrification, which has been progressing at the pace of a snail with one too many gin and tonics under its belt. Nevertheless, a glimmer of light has appeared at the end of the tunnel, in the form of a new 100% electric locomotive soon to ply the rails for the Canadian railway company CN.

Wabtec wins another major deal with Egyptian railway company

North Shore-based Wabtec Corp. announced Monday it has signed contracts with Egyptian National Railways to supply 100 Evolution Series Locomotives and agreed to a multiyear service agreement to maintain the fleet.

CN to purchase Wabtec battery-electric locomotive

Canadian National will be the first North American buyer of Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive, for its Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad.

Wabtec expands Bengaluru engineering capabilities

Wabtec, one of the world’s biggest locomotive makers, has significantly expanded the engineering capabilities at its Bengaluru centre, adding to it a world-class global engineering lab to enable rail component design and performance.

Q&A: 10 Minutes with Cummins and Wabtec Marine Propulsion

As a gold sponsor of Marine Log’s upcoming FERRIES 2021 conference, we talked to Tom Budija, director of marine business of Cummins and Gustavo Garza, business development leader with Wabtec about the work the company has done over the years, their current partnership, and looking ahead at what comes after Tier 4 engines.

Wabtec and mining’s electric evolution

An in person meeting at MINExpo 2021 with Wabtec’s Dr Bappa Banerjee, VP Mining; and Rogerio Mendonca, President Freight Equipment offered some fascinating insights into trolley assist technology and the technology side of electrifying mining fleets.

Transport, Decarbonised

Striking the balance between regeneration and innovation, Wabtec Corporation is the global leader championing improvement through movement. Senior Regional Vice President of Australia and New Zealand, Wendy McMillan, discusses laying the tracks for the shift to green