#ME810 Wabtec Locomotive Cab Fan
#ME810 Wabtec Locomotive Cab Fan

ME810 - Maintain Cooler and Comfortable Locomotive Cabs

Features a brushless design that minimizes the amount of noise emitted. Built with superior design, our ME810 fans provide welcomed airflow in hot, enclosed cabs and are mounted to help ensure individual crew comfort. Multidirectional airflow adjustments can be made to meet the needs of the conductors and are also adaptable to switcher or road units.


  • Brushless Design Keeps it Quiet, Cool
  • Mounts in any Position
  • Offers Multidirectional Airflow Adjustments
  • Adaptable to Switcher or Road Units
  • Available in Single or Two Speeds
  • 74V DC Operation


ME810 Series Specs:

  • Nominal Design: 74V DC, (32-volt unit available by special order)
  • Input Voltage: 40-100V DC
  • Operating Current: .7 Amps – 1.1 Amps DC
  • High Speed: 565 CFM
  • Low Speed (2 speed models only): 540 CFM
  • Weight: 6 lbs


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