Locomotive Cab Toilet ME211/ME213B
Locomotive Cab Toilet ME211/ME213B

Designed to fit in toilet cubicles for a built-in appearance
Wall-to-wall 18-gallon retention toilets.
Reliable and durable, our wall-to-wall, chemically charged recirculating retention toilet provides optimum maintenance ease. The stainless-steel unit is sealed on three sides so refuse is prevented from falling behind the toilet and on either side, keeping compartments cleaner. Its worry-free flush and a clean-bowl rinse also help to keep things clean. The ventilation fitting provides air change and odor control in the toilet compartment. All operating parts are secured to the top cover’s underside (except drain valve) so that any maintenance or repairs can be performed off the locomotive.
Notes The ME213B features a Waste Seal for ultimate odor and splash control. It seals away waste and odors and controls effluent splashing. The pump handle is also spring-loaded in the upright position.


  • 18-Gallon Capacity
  • Durable, Stainless-Steel Tub And Top Cover
  • Manually Operated
  • High-Impact, Easy-To-Clean, All-Plastic Seat For Extended Service Life
  • Filter Screen Prevents The Recirculation Of Solids Through Pump
  • Includes Floor Seal For Use With Standard Closet Flange
  • External Ventilation Fitting On Top Cover
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