ET44AC Locomotive

Built on a service proven locomotive platform to deliver best in class reliability and cost of ownership

The Evolution Series Tier 4 engine successfully meets the EPA’s prescribed 76% reduction in NOx emissions and 70% reduction in particulate matter emissions.

Wabtec’s Evolution Series ET44AC locomotive meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stringent Tier 4 emission standards without use of any type of after-treatment, which allows the railroads to have significant savings through area infrastructure cost avoidance and reduced operational costs.

ET44AC specifications at a glance

Product Details

  • US EPA T4 emissions levels
  • AC individual-axle traction control
  • 8,000 Evolution Locomotives worth…
  • Advanced cooling system

Model ET44AC Specifications

without any type of after-treatment

# of Powered Axles 6
Weight [Max] 432,000 lbs. (196t)
Weight/Axle 72klbs (33.6t)
Track Gauge 56.5" (1435 mm)

Model ET44AC Specifications

maximum hauling capabilities in substandard track conditions

Clearance AAR S-2056 Plate M
Emissions USA EPA Tier 4
Horsepower (Gross) 4,500 HP (3,356 KW)
Horsepower (Tractive) 4,365 HP (3,255 KW)

Model ET44AC Specifications

of worldwide operating experience

Starting TE (lbf /KN) 200,000 lbf (890 KN)
CTE (lbf /KN) 166,000 lbf (739 KN)
Max. Dyn. Braking 98,000 lbf (436 KN)
Total Fuel (Gal) 5,300 Gal (20,063 L)

Model ET44AC Specifications

maintains performance with lowest emissions standards

Useable Fuel (Gal) 4,800 Gal (18,170 L)
Engine Model GEVO12-LDD
Countries Used Canada | United States
The Tier 4 Evolution Story - ET44AC Locomotive

Watch the evolution of the ET44AC locomotive

The Evolution™ Series locomotives represents one of Wabtec’s greatest engineering feats complemented by the business stalwart decision to delivery the first 4500 GHP, medium speed diesel locomotive without any aftertreatment in the face of waning industry cycle.

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