Wabtec Maritime Solutions Marine Diesel Engines EPA T4 IMO III emissions compliant
Wabtec Maritime Solutions Marine Diesel Engines EPA T4 IMO III emissions compliant

Wabtec’s V250MDC marine diesel engines meet US EPA Tier 4 & IMO III emissions standards without after-treatment: clean, simple and evolutionary. Our EGR technology limits the formation of NOx in cylinder as opposed to removing NOx from the exhaust through an after-treatment system, while maintaining world-class fuel efficiency. Our solution offers OPEX savings by avoiding any additional operating cost from urea consumption, SCR catalyst replacements, and maintenance on the SCR dosing system.


  • Eliminates the need for space and weight provisions otherwise needed for an SCR system and urea storage tanks, preserving valuable cargo, accommodation, and tank space
  • No additional operating expenses from urea use and catalyst replacements
  • No hassle associated with planning for urea replenishment and handling urea onboard
  • Reducing ship design complexity and shipyard installation time and cost compared to an engine with an SCR after treatment solution
  • Robust and proven design, simple to operate
  • World-class fuel efficiency and load response with practically no visible smoke
  • High engine energy efficiency with more heat recovery available in jacket water system from EGR
  • Narrow footprint allows ease of maintenance and packaging advantage

Engine models

  • 12V250MDC
  • 16V250MDC
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