Video Management System (VMS)

A multi-service video surveillance solution that enables quick response to alerts and police requests

Wabtec’s VMS helps ensure passenger and driver security by transmitting video alerts to control centers in real time, enabling on-site and off-site teams to react quickly and efficiently.

With Wabtec’s VMS, public transport benefit from an efficient video-surveillance solution ranging from on-board video recording to data management. Innovative and highly configurable, VMS is purpose-built to meet your many needs:

  • Security – VMS is the best means to help you identify threats and make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Operations – VMS offers you the possibility to simplify your daily operations. Incident response times are reduced thanks to an advanced alarm-management system.
  • Maintenance – VMS provides tools to facilitate the maintenance of the CCTV fleet. System availability is optimized through periodic collection of equipment status.

Wabtec’s video security solutions deliver multiple benefits

Real-time, scalable and highly customizable video surveillance services in connection with all on-board recorders, deliver multiple benefits

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Reduction of response time to alerts & police requests
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Time-savings in operations & maintenance
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Readily customizable
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Easy to upgrade as your needs evolve
Data Flow Management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IP H264 Full HD cameras – Options adapted to bus vehicles: Indoor / outdoor mounting, vision angle, microphone, infrared light
  • Advanced user-configurable recorder – XEBRA 3 (Integrated connectivity)
  • Connectivity – 4G connection for real time services & Wi-Fi connection for time-shifted service
  • Video alert – Viewing video sequences associated with the alarm & real-time camera access
  • Automatic video unloading & email notification – Search by events, time slots, geographical perimeters, vehicle fleets.
  • Advanced Video player X-TRACK – Synchronized camera display, interactive path mapping, smooth browsing, secure video exporting.
  • Customizable notifications – Combination of data, images or videos, choice of transmission channels (in real time via 4G or time-shifted via Wi-Fi), service partitioning by trade (security, operation, maintenance), reporting methods (mapping, table, email ...)
  • Use of notifications – Notification Mapping, precise filtering by events, ranges timetables, geographical perimeters, vehicle fleets
  • Remote operations – Wake-up and remote control of on-board equipment, sleep mode can be set with a battery protection.
  • Integrity system checking – Periodic verification of embedded software versions, centralized upgrade of embedded software.

Product Downloads

To discover everything Wabtec’s VMS can do, download:

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