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Light Weight

Wabtec Freight Locomotive C20ACi Locomotive
C20ACi Locomotive

The C20ACi is currently being developed to replace and enhance the C20EMP series with Wabtec’s AC six-axle control.

Wabtec C30ACi Light Weight Locomotive
C30ACi Locomotive

The C30ACi locomotive was designed for higher pulling capacity to support lighter axle-load applications and incorporates all AC technology for heavy haul operation.

Wabtec locomotive freight locomotives light-weight locomotives c23emp
DC Locomotives (C21-C25EMP)

The Light Weight DC Locomotives (C21-C25EMP) are designed for low-weight-per-axle applications and configurable gross horsepower up to 3,300.

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Excellent efficiency with an opportunity to reduce locomotive life-cycle costs and fuel consumpion

Light Weight Locomotives
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