We take safety seriously at Wabtec.

It is core to our values and represents who we are and what we stand for. The well-being of our employees, our customers, and their customers, depends on it.

EHS Performance

2020 marked the 13th consecutive year of injury rate reductions across Wabtec’s vast operations.

Our Policies

Putting People First

In 2021, the Company refreshed both its Safe Environments Policy and the companion People First Pledge. Together, the two documents outline our commitment to provide safe work environments for our employees and business partners and to meet or exceed EHS laws and regulations in the places where we operate.

Putting people first is at the heart of our core values. All company initiatives and decisions are viewed through this lens. To accomplish this, we endeavor to continuously improve and foster a culture that proactively addresses hazards, encourages learning, protects the environment, and drives the company towards its goal of zero accidents.

Business Ethics and Compliance
Safe Environments

Safe Environments Policy →

Environment, Health & Safety

Wabtec Management System

The company uses the Environment, Health, and Safety component of the Wabtec Management System (EHS WMS) to strengthen our management system approach to addressing EHS risks and promote the consistent implementation of best practice across all global manufacturing and services sites. It establishes standard expectations in 13 core competency areas such as EHS leadership; regulatory applicability review; risk assessment; and safety, exposure, and environmental defenses. Sites assign operational risk assessment; and safety, exposure, and environmental defenses. Sites assign operational owners to each element of the EHS WMS to ensure that the site-level risks are effectively assessed, and robust processes are in place to address them.

Our Roadmap to Safety Excellence
Our Roadmap to Safety Excellence
Engaging Our People

Wabtec Safety Days

We believe engaged employees fuel our interdependent EHS culture, one in which everyone – managers and employees alike – feel ownership and responsibility for ensuring a safe work environment. Wabtec Safety Days, held annually, is a program where sites and individual employees compete for safety awards and recognition.

Safety Days │Wabtec Corporation
Safety Days 2022

This year, we challenged all employees to be intentional with how they approach safety and apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to every aspect of their daily lives. The competition was broken out into the following categories:

  • Most Creative Event or Activity
  • Most Engaging Family or Community Event or Activity
  • Most Engaging Employee Event or Activity
  • Best Health or Wellness Event or Activity
  • Greatest Positive Impact on Safety at Work
  • Greatest Positive Impact on Safety at Home
  • Greatest Environmental Impact
  • Best Leadership Support
  • Best HALO (learning simulation for hazard awareness)
  • Best All Around
Safety Days │Wabtec Corporation
Developing Our People

To work safely, employees must first recognize the hazards associated with their tasks and work environment. Learning and competency building is, therefore, a fundamental pillar of our EHS management system. Wabtec’s Learning Management System ensures that we effectively deploy and monitor EHS training across the enterprise. The platform contains more than 1,300 online courses on EHS topics and can be adapted to include site-specific content that is curated by EHS professionals for classroom and hands-on experiences. All employees must meet the minimum expectations for EHS training defined in our standard learning matrix. Required training in this matrix is assigned based on job function and/or specialized task.